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Influence From Nature

In my opinion, it’s a common occurrence for hobbyists to lose sight of very the foundation that created the concept of a planted aquarium. It’s not necessarily a bad thing,

A 2 Gallon Planted Nano Tank For a Friend

  13.08.2017   GlassAqua   Planted Tanks   No comments

As soon as we finished setting up our most recent Ultum Nature Systems TV stand nano planted tank, we were asked by a good friend of ours to also scape her

How To Trim And Replant A Planted Tank

  11.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

In the previous articles, we discussed how to setup and properly maintain a planted tank. After the first 2-3 weeks, the aquatic plant mass should be sufficient enough on its own

How To Properly Maintain A Planted Tank

  11.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

Now that we’ve discussed how to setup a planted tank, the next step is to properly maintain it. Using our newly established TV stand nano planted tank example, the tissue culture

How To Setup A Planted Tank

  8.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

There are plenty of comprehensive articles online that provide step-by-step guides on starting a planted tank. But, for anyone new to the hobby, the first impression can be pretty overwhelming.