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Bettas with Bettashrimpies Pt. 2

  15.09.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   No comments

Tank Maintenance Keeping your new Betta tank clean and stable is very simple. Twenty-five percent water changes should be done weekly so that nitrates can be removed, and KH replenished

Bettas with Bettashrimpies Pt. 1

Today we have our second guest, Mindy; She runs an amazing Instagram account with all things Bettas! Mindy’s Betta love began in 2006. Her first Bettas were some girls she

Shrimpin with Shrimpery

  25.08.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   1 Comment

One day we decided that we wanted to ask other hobbyists who are equally skilled, if not more, in their respective specific interests to give their two cents. Being said,

Aqua Buddies – Tetra

  17.08.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   No comments

Tetras are one of the most popular species of tropical schooling fish kept in freshwater aquariums. Coming in an assortment of various bright colors, they highly compliment a planted tank. With the