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Bettas with Bettashrimpies Pt. 2

  15.09.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   No comments

Tank Maintenance Keeping your new Betta tank clean and stable is very simple. Twenty-five percent water changes should be done weekly so that nitrates can be removed, and KH replenished

Bettas with Bettashrimpies Pt. 1

Today we have our second guest, Mindy; She runs an amazing Instagram account with all things Bettas! Mindy’s Betta love began in 2006. Her first Bettas were some girls she

A 2 Gallon Planted Nano Tank For a Friend

  13.08.2017   GlassAqua   Planted Tanks   No comments

As soon as we finished setting up our most recent Ultum Nature Systems TV stand nano planted tank, we were asked by a good friend of ours to also scape her

How To Setup A Planted Tank

  8.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

There are plenty of comprehensive articles online that provide step-by-step guides on starting a planted tank. But, for anyone new to the hobby, the first impression can be pretty overwhelming.