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TV Stand Planted Nano Tank
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Project Details

DATE: August, 2017

TANK CAPACITY: 4.6 Gallons

FILTRATION: Zoomed 501


CO2: 24OZ + Fuval Regulator

SUBSTRATE: ADA Amazonia Light + Power Sand Special S

ADDITIVES: ADA Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super

FERTILIZER: Brighty K, STEP 1, ECA, Gain Green

HEATING: Aquatop Nano 50w

HARDSCAPE: Manzanita Wood

FLORA: Various Species


Project Details

A planted nano tank to house a single Betta fish and accentuate living room space. 4 individual pieces of Manzanita Wood twigs were pre-boiled and soaked to prevent leeching of tannins. A total of 9 different species of aquatic plants were chosen for this aquascape. Alteranthera Reineckii “Mini” along with Ludwig Repens “Super Red” stem plants were strategically planted in the mid and background for a touch of red in the tank to compliment the vibrant colors of the Betta. Only tissue culture plants were used for this to ensure absolute health from initial start up.

Project Details

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