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At the heart of every great nature aquarium style planted tank is an impressive hardscape. Finding unique aquarium-friendly rocks and wood isn’t always an easy feat. If you’re lucky and come across the perfect piece, you’re then tasked with having to find other pieces that will compliment each other.

Within our years of aquascaping, searching for the perfect hardscape material was one of the most frustrating and time consuming obstacles we faced when creating a new set up. Ordering hardscape online is always a mystery and local fish stores carry limited stock. As a result this lead to Glass Aqua Custom Hardscape.

We’d like to be part of your aquascaping journey by helping you pick out pieces that will accommodate your tank and vision. That way, you’ll have more time to brainstorm your other aquaria needs such as filtration, CO2, lighting and fertilizer regiment. Every custom hardscape we create is tailored to your individual requirements.


Explore and find your favorite planted tank-specific hardscape materials from our selection below


Get in touch with us by submitting your Custom Hardscape inquiry via the form provided below


In 1 – 2 business days we’ll respond with details including photos of a unique hardscape that will fit your tank specifications, meet your layout requirements and a price quote


Your order will be processed and shipped to you as soon as you approve of your new hardscape

Unique stone that comes in various shapes, sizes and features. The stones are primarily grey charcoal colored with common characteristics that include white marbling, grooves and jagged edges. Ryuoh Stone is often used in Iwagumi rock layouts but is versatile and can create a range of looks depending on use.

Soaking stones in muriatic acid will provide a darker shade of color and further define marbling contrast

Characterized by smooth, stiff bark with branches, Manzanita wood is a popular choice for aquariums due to its look. It can be used by itself or coupled with stones of the user’s choice for a wide variety of layout creations. Different types of moss are usually attached to the wood to cover unnatural cuts and mimic an underwater forest.

Soaking, boiling, or using a stone will help keep wood in place

Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on frequency of water changes

Wild twists and turns along with knots define this wood. Its natural root-like look is commonly sought after by enthusiasts. Spider Wood works well on its own as a centerpiece or when complimented with smaller stones at the base of any scape.

Usually sinks on its own in 2 weeks time

Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on frequency of water changes

Just submit a Custom Hardscape request via the form below and we’ll gladly send over a few ideas for you. All we need to know is your tank size and dimensions.

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Definitely the place to go if you want some hardscape

Asked for manzanita wood for my tank and even though they didn’t have any they ordered some just for me. Definitely the place to go if you want some hardscape. Thank you guys!

Jose Cruz

You guys are the best!

They are a magnificent company out of LA that sell all kinds of awesome hardscape. They are super flexible and you can ask for certain shape and whatnot and they will have you covered. If you haven’t purchased hardscape from them yet go do it right now!

Reece Huckeby

Amazing customer service and communication!

Glass Aqua provided me with amazing customer service and communication. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced. The product I received was high quality and shipped promptly. I will definitely buy from Glass Aqua again in the future. 5 stars!

Luke Sway Walker

Absolutely amazing customer service and packing!

Absolutely amazing customer service and packing! I’m in love with my piece and how it completes my bowl. Thank you!!!!!

Ryan Nguyen

Going to buy more hardscape from them in the future!

Bought some Seiryu stone and they were very patient and helpful when i was looking for a specific look. Im definitely going to buy more hardscape from them in the future!

Francis Bond