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Project Details

DATE: April, 2017

TANK CAPACITY: 7.9 Gallons

FILTRATION: Azoo Mignon 360


CO2: 24oz + AZOO Regulator

SUBSTRATE: Fluval Stratum + Natural Sand

FERTILIZER: ADA Brighty K, STEP 1, ECA, Gain Green

HEATING: Aquatop 25w Nano

HARDSCAPE: Seiryu Stone + Spider Wood

FLORA: Various Species

FAUNA: Various Species

Project Details

The original layout was pre-planned for the 2017 Pet Expo OC live aquascaping contest hosted by Fluval Aquatics. A combination of Spider Wood and Seiryu Stones were carefully selected and secured together with silicone glue 24 hours before the event. Smaller twigs of Spider Wood were also placed around the base of the hardscape structure to create an aged forest island. In addition, smaller crumbs of rocks were sprinkled around the base as accent. A huge variety of aquatic plants were grown out a month ahead of time. The allotted time to scape was only 8 hours in which we spent 4.

2017 Pet Expo OC 3rd Place Winner

Project Details

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