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Are there requirements for doing so? I’m currently sitting here wondering if I’m supposed to write about us or perhaps our dog or aquascaping or what I had for breakfast this morning? Either way, I’m just going to wing it and include a little bit of everything – just for starters.

Dog – Our dog’s name is Toyo. We occasionally refer to him as Stanley and Benji. Stanley was his “birth name” for the kennel’s records in which we adopted him from and Benji is when he’s doing something we don’t approve of and his ears fold down because he knows he’s guilty.

John – He was born on October 13th. His favorite food consists of pretty much anything as long as there is a large side of rice with it. Alongside aquascaping, he is a car enthusiast (his car is a garage queen currently, meaning it sits there and takes up space) and a professional automotive photographer. He first started aquascaping in his high school years, but took a break from the hobby once he moved to Hong Kong for his studies. Long story short, he came back, got a car and a job and life started?

Nicole – She was born on November 22nd. (I’m talking in the 3rd person) Her favorite food consists of pretty much anything as long as there is minimal meat product. Along with aquascaping, she has an intense love for music and earned the nickname “Jukebox” when she was in high school because she’d never shut up. She is also a classically trained pianist and has been playing since 2000. She loves to travel & never likes to stay in one place for too long.

John and Nicole – They have known each other for quite some time, but it wasn’t until they both happened to be in Miami, FL during the same time and at the same venue on the same night where they realized they might actually like each other. Fast forward to a random day they stopped by a local fish store and came out with a 3-gallon tank for their betta and a 48-gallon tank for project number 1. (many tanks later, Toyo comes into the picture too)

And here we are today. Oh also –

Breakfast – I made gyoza for us while John was filtering some RODI water. For those who don’t know what that is, they are a Japanese dumpling without going into details.