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Shrimpin with Shrimpery

  25.08.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   1 Comment

One day we decided that we wanted to ask other hobbyists who are equally skilled, if not more, in their respective specific interests to give their two cents. Being said,

Travelscapers 002

  25.08.2017   Nicole   Travel   No comments

When people think of NorCal, most minds automatically think of San Francisco. It makes sense though as San Francisco is a rather old city being founded in 1776. It’s got

Aqua Buddies – Tetra

  17.08.2017   GlassAqua   Aquatic Life   No comments

Tetras are one of the most popular species of tropical schooling fish kept in freshwater aquariums. Coming in an assortment of various bright colors, they highly compliment a planted tank. With the

Influence From Nature

In my opinion, it’s a common occurrence for hobbyists to lose sight of very the foundation that created the concept of a planted aquarium. It’s not necessarily a bad thing,

A 2 Gallon Planted Nano Tank For a Friend

  13.08.2017   GlassAqua   Planted Tanks   No comments

As soon as we finished setting up our most recent Ultum Nature Systems TV stand nano planted tank, we were asked by a good friend of ours to also scape her

How To Trim And Replant A Planted Tank

  11.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

In the previous articles, we discussed how to setup and properly maintain a planted tank. After the first 2-3 weeks, the aquatic plant mass should be sufficient enough on its own

How To Properly Maintain A Planted Tank

  11.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

Now that we’ve discussed how to setup a planted tank, the next step is to properly maintain it. Using our newly established TV stand nano planted tank example, the tissue culture

How To Setup A Planted Tank

  8.08.2017   John   Planted Tanks   No comments

There are plenty of comprehensive articles online that provide step-by-step guides on starting a planted tank. But, for anyone new to the hobby, the first impression can be pretty overwhelming.

Travelscapers 001

  4.08.2017   Nicole   Travel   No comments

Traveling – don’t you love it? The airport traffic, trying to estimate how far in advance you should leave your home, long TSA lines, having to take off your shoes

Meet the Founders

  1.08.2017   Nicole   Life   No comments

Are there requirements for doing so? I’m currently sitting here wondering if I’m supposed to write about us or perhaps our dog or aquascaping or what I had for breakfast